Salmenharju is a traditional farm beside the beautiful and pure lake Liesvesi. The lake Liesvesi is part of the Rautalampi waterpath and there are seven cascades along it. There has been settlement along Liesvesi since the Stone Age. Over 5000 years old chisel has been found from the fields of Salmenharju. Origin of the chisel is from the area of Laatokka or from the Northern Finland .

Regular living in Salmenharju began officially in the middle of 17th century.The original name of the farm was Salmis. Old items suchs as coins, buttons and tools can still be found from that age. 

Korhonen family has lived in Salmenharju from the 1880īs. Story tells that Janne Korhonen came with the spokeman to check out the farm. At first they checked the fruitfulness of the fields and the condition of the forests and after that they concentrated on the daughters of the house. Janne was fascinated by the youngest daughter, but the father of the girls said that the oldest one should be picked at first. So Janne took the oldest daughter and since then for four generations has the Korhonen family lived in Salmenharju. Today there are about 70 cows in the farm and the fields are cultivated lifelikely.


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